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About Sand Tots Parent Participation Co-op Preschool

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We are proud to say that Sand Tots has been serving the South Bay for over 30 years. Our school has always fulfilled a niche in the community by providing a high-quality program utilizing parent involvement as our key ingredient for success. This is a special place where kids, parents and staff have developed life-long friendships.

Sand Tots was founded in 1972 by a handful of families who were committed to being a part of their children’s early childhood education. In 1994, Sand Tots had been in operation for 2 years in what is now the Robinson Elementary School campus in Manhattan Beach. When the campus needed to be reopened, the search for a new location led us to Redondo Beach, where we leased space from a local church. When we realized yet again that Sand Tots would need to relocate, the parent operators knew it was time to search for property to purchase.

In the mid-90s, Sand Tots became a permanent fixture in the South Bay community at our current location and we look forward to serving families for generations to come. We have even welcomed several generations of kids whose parents attended Sand Tots and even a few teachers who are Sand Tots alumni as well.

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