Philosophy & Curriculum


It’s preschool. We believe kids need time to be kids. You won’t find any blackboard lessons here. During a child’s early years, there is a greater awareness of the world around them than any other time in their life. This is a time when young children begin to explore and experience their environment. Sand Tots’ philosophy centers on the concept that kids learn through spontaneous play so that intellectual learning is balanced with physical, social and emotional development.

Our staff facilitates each child’s learning by creating an environment that promotes reasoning and helps children realize patterns and relationships that they have intuitively observed. It is precisely these communication and socialization skills that ultimately provide children with the self-confidence and foundation to set the stage for successful “academic” learning in the early school years.


Sand Tots’ mode of ‘education’ centers on the concept that kids learn through spontaneous play and from being exposed to various creative and manipulative materials as well as new experiences. We provide exposure to the tools of early learning by creating learning centers within the classroom where children can often choose their own direction, explore materials and make discoveries. Fine motor and gross motor skills are enhanced through physical activities, which develop specific muscle groups. Learning centers and activities include:

Creative Art Activities: A time in which a variety of mediums and materials are offered. Each day there will be a special project planned by the teacher. Children are encouraged, but not required, to participate. Sand Tots focuses on the process of  an art experience rather than the product.

Free Choice: An opportunity to explore the various learning centers. Children move through the classroom and are able to participate in various areas of curriculum such as science, dramatic play, writing, sensory/tactile, manipulative and block building activities at their own pace.

Snack Time: A time for children and adults to sit down together and enjoy a wholesome snack provided by a parent assistant. Snack provides an opportunity to learn about nutrition and reinforce appropriate table etiquette.

Rug Time: A time in which children and parents gather with the teacher for a story, music or group experience.

Music & Enrichment:  Sand Tots recognizes the importance of music in a child’s development and offers daily songs and instrument play in the classroom.

Outdoor Activities: A time for children to actively play outdoors under adult supervision. Children may choose from a variety of options such as a play structure, climbing apparatus, tricycles, balls, sand and water play.