Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the policy-making body for the school and meets monthly. Among its major functions are:

● Making decisions concerning the finances of the school

● Approving and overseeing the school budget

● Establishing changes in membership requirements

● Making changes in the duties of the officers

● Changing or creating Standing Committees

● Setting goals for the school

● Hiring the school Director

2020-2021 Members

President | Tiffany Quick

Vice President | Amanda Price

2nd Vice President | Julie Biaggi (Renzulli)

Treasurer | Payal Kachalia

Secretary | Kristin Jones

Membership | Jaclyn Miller

Fundraising | Melissa Shaivitz

Events | Allison Berkley

Auction |

Building Design Safety | Joe Jankowski 

Parent Education | Megan Rabideau

PR | Christina Hall

Hospitality | Jessica Long

Room Reps | Jenny Morant

Tech/Communications | Alison Pimentel

Director | Sandra Rojas