Membership Requirements

Sand Tots Co-op Preschool Membership Requirements

Class Participation

Members must commit to working in their child’s classroom on a rotating basis as an assistant to the teacher. Class work schedules are created in advance with an effort to accommodate the parent’s availability. A parent can expect the following number of workdays in each age group of classes:

  • 2/3-year-olds (1 day class) = about 7 shifts per school year or 1 time per month
  • 2/3-year-olds (2 day class) = about 12 shifts per school year or 1 to 2 times per month
  • 3/4-year-olds = about 17 shifts per school year or 2-3 times per month
  • 4/5-year-olds = about 18 shifts per school year or 2-3 times per month

Note: A parent must assist. Caregivers, grandparents, etc. may not fulfill this requirement for you.

Class Meetings

Meetings with parents and your child’s teacher. There are four-five per year.

General Meetings

Meetings of the entire school membership. There are three meetings per year.

Parent Education

At Sand Tots we don’t view parent education as much as a requirement as we do an opportunity. So much so, that the Parent Education Chairperson is a Board position at our school. Each year the chairperson, along with our Director and President, puts much thought into programs that seek to address and illuminate the many complex facets of child development and parenting. Other outside programs such as Beach Cities Health District, Center for Positive Parenting and other events also offer wonderful speakers and engagements throughout the year. We encourage members to attend as much as possible. Past Speakers and/or topics have included discussions about what your children are learning at Sand Tots, School Readiness and even a lesson on Lice Prevention. 

Fundraising at Sand Tots Co-op Preschool Redondo Beach


As a co-op and non-profit school, fundraising is very important to the success of Sand Tots. In addition to meeting our operating budget, it funds building/grounds improvements and curriculum enhancements. Along with supporting our school, fundraising events are designed to promote positive social interaction between parents in a fun setting. We work hard to provide unique events that are financially accessible to everyone, and we strongly encourage all parents to participate.

Every member is required to donate an item/service with a minimum value of $100 to be auctioned at one of these events. Additionally, you will be required to purchase at least one ticket to each annual fundraiser event.

Committee or Board Positions

Each member is required to participate in a “role” within the school. There are many ways members can participate and the school truly attempts to match jobs with strengths of the members. Depending on the role, monthly time requirements can vary from 3 hours to 6 hours, but in general a minimum of three hours should be planned.

This is much more of an opportunity than obligation. There is something for everyone with committee placements ranging from PR, Marketing, Event Planning, Fundraising, Apparel, Staff Appreciation, Parent Education, Building Maintenance, and even Towel Duty. You name your skill, and we probably have a great job for you!

Building Maintenance

Each new member is required to participate in one of eight (three-hours) building maintenance days held each year. You could be power washing the outdoor play areas, touching up paint, organizing toys, or smearing Goo Gone on table legs. There are usually bagels and coffee and we promise you’ll have a good time!

Immunizations – Sand Tots is a parent participation preschool with classrooms that are open to the Sand Tots membership (including infant siblings).  In order to protect the entire Sand Tots community, all enrolled children must be vaccinated.

Proof of vaccinations must be recorded on your child’s medical form and submitted before the first day of school.  There is no “opt-out” in lieu of vaccinations unless there is a significant medical contraindication.  If your child has a medical contraindication and is unable to receive a vaccine, you must provide documentation from your physician.