Meet a Sand Tots Alum: Jason Williams

We interviewed former students of Sand Tots Coop Preschool to celebrate our school’s legacy with you.

In honor of our 45th anniversary of Sand Tots, we’d like to celebrate our school by introducing you to some members of our alumni. We are so proud of our graduates and their passion for our South Bay community. And, we love when our Sand Tots grads grow up and return to enroll with their own children at our school like our first alum of our series, Jason Williams.

My name is Jason Williams. I attended Sand Tots in 1988. Sand Tots was a new and exciting place to go as a young child. The memory that stands out to me is having my mother at the school and helping out. This is extremely special to me because my parents have passed away and it makes that time even more valuable.

I really believe Sand Tots prepared me for my future schooling. I am a photographer and a bartender. I spend my days taking photos and hanging out with friends and family. My wife and I have a daughter, Harper, she is starting her first year at Sand Tots as a Bumblebee.

I would say that this school is really an important stepping stone of your educational and personal life to teach and guide you in the early years of your life. I am so thrilled and grateful that my children will experience this wonderful school like I did.




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